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Expert Coaching, Nutritional Advice & Private Studio

Our experienced Personal Training Team will make sure you get the best out of every session and real, lasting results with effective, efficient programming. Forget faddy diets and restrictive meal plans, we will work with you to find a way of eating that fits into your life, while fostering better health and results, forever. Step into our safe and spacious PT studio, where you’ll have unfettered access to our full range of equipment with the support and guidance of your coach.

Flexible Workouts, D*ckhead Free Zone & Holistic Approach

With over 40 small group sessions a week, and no more than 4 people in each one, you’ll enjoy hands on coaching and a varied, fun workout every time. Let’s be honest, most gyms are cold and unfriendly places. So we operate a strict no d*ckhead policy to create a happy, non-judgemental training space. Health is about more than just training, so we also offer unrivalled support, yoga, martial arts, mobility, educational seminars and monthly social events.

Bespoke Online Programming, Part of a Team & Additional Support

We appreciate not everyone can get to see us in person, so we also offer online programmes to ensure you still get the coaching and guidance you need. A sense of connection and support is incredibly important, so we'll make sure you’re part of the GT family with our various online events and communities. We don’t just stop at workouts, but support you with accountability and motivation, nutritional coaching, sleep guidance and everything you need to get results.

The best decision I've ever made.
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I enjoy steak, whisky and Tony Blackburn. I’ve started to get some grey hair but I think it makes me look distinguished, and I’m unfathomably perky in the mornings, even without coffee.


I love chocolate brownies and still harbour aspirations to be an astronaut. I have sore hamstrings and I get a lot of stitches when running. I’ve been gluten free since before it was cool.


Pez for short, I love dishing out a good burpee. Having recently renovated my house I'm now GT's resident DIY expert, for my sins I support Chelsea (with a side of West Ham) and I have a mild man crush on Captain America.

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Who We Are
We set out to be different from what you’d expect in a gym. Rather than a swanky sauna, we offer a supportive community. Instead of loads of cross trainers, we just have awesome trainers. We’ll help with your workouts, but more importantly we’ll give you all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in every aspect of your health, forever.
Who We Help
We work with people ready to commit to improving their wellbeing, and show them that they can get the results they’ve always wanted. We can’t say it’ll be easy but we can promise you it’ll be worth it. Plus there’s pizza and gin along the way!
Looking for prices?
Ballpark figures, you’re looking at £30 a month for Online Only, around £25 per session for Small Group and £60 per session for One to One. But here’s the thing. Selecting the package yourself is putting the cart before the horse - it’s a bit like asking builders for a quote on a house without providing any details about the project! We think it’s super important that we find out what you’re looking to achieve through working with us, so we can accurately select the correct package to get you where you need to be. That’s why we ask everyone interested in working with us to apply for a consultation where we can find out everything we need to know and chat through the appropriate options.
Never thought I'd actually enjoy going to the gym!
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The best decision I've ever made.
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