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Workouts, nutritional coaching, yoga, workshops and so much more, all built around an incredible community of like-minded people.
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I enjoy steak, whisky and Tony Blackburn. I’ve started to get some grey hair but I think it makes me look distinguished, and I’m unfathomably perky in the mornings, even without coffee.


I love chocolate brownies and still harbour aspirations to be an astronaut. I have sore hamstrings and I get a lot of stitches when running. I’ve been gluten free since before it was cool.


The gentle giant, I also go by the name of Queen V and I love a Turkish Get Up. I always order the worst thing in restaurants, and I’m personally responsible for at least 20 people completing Tough Mudder due to my exceptionally long arms.


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Who We Are
We set out to be different from what you’d expect in a gym. Rather than a swanky sauna, we offer a supportive community. Instead of loads of cross trainers, we just have awesome trainers. We’ll help with your workouts, but more importantly we’ll give you all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in every aspect of your health, forever.
Who We Help
We work with people ready to commit to improving their wellbeing, and show them that they can get the results they’ve always wanted. We can’t say it’ll be easy but we can promise you it’ll be worth it. Plus there’s pizza and gin along the way!
Looking for prices?
Ballpark figures, you’re looking at £30 a month for Online Only, around £25 per session for Small Group and £60 per session for One to One. But here’s the thing. Selecting the package yourself is putting the cart before the horse - it’s a bit like asking builders for a quote on a house without providing any details about the project! We think it’s super important that we find out what you’re looking to achieve through working with us, so we can accurately select the correct package to get you where you need to be. That’s why we ask everyone interested in working with us to apply for a consultation where we can find out everything we need to know and chat through the appropriate options.
The best decision I've ever made.
See how we can help
In light of current government measures, we have migrated all our training online via Zoom. 

If you’re interested in working with our training team online then please click here to find out more.