Meet our

Training Team


Founder and Head Coach

I enjoy steak, whisky and Tony Blackburn. I’ve started to get some grey hair but I think it makes me look distinguished, and I’m unfathomably perky in the mornings, even without coffee.


Senior Coach

I love chocolate brownies and still harbour aspirations to be an astronaut. I have sore hamstrings and I get a lot of stitches when running. I’ve been gluten free since before it was cool.


Senior Coach

Pez for short, I love dishing out a good burpee. Having recently renovated my house I'm now GT's resident DIY expert, for my sins I support Chelsea (with a side of West Ham) and I have a mild man crush on Captain America.


Senior Coach

I must be likeable because Ian lets me stay despite being borderline vegan. I’m Scottish. My name is hard to spell and say, I’ve got sick dance skills and I have a healthy obsession with Beyonce.


Coach/Postnatal Personal Trainer

I’m into push-ups and Prosecco and can teach Bodypump in Chinese. I have a little girl who thinks she’s a cat and am passionate about postnatal wellbeing and looking after mums. I can’t live without instant noodles and I cycle everywhere to avoid walking.

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We don't take ourselves too seriously, offering a refreshing alternative to regular gyms and health clubs.
We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled levels of coaching both in and in between sessions, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.
We've created a supportive and social environment, where our members leave every workout with a smile on their face.