GT Juniors

We are working with schools to inspire kids to move in ways that will make them stronger for longer.

Boy balancing in a GT fitness session.
We provide an environment for young people to explore and develop their physical capabilities, to challenge themselves and understand their bodies better. Our unique approach blends functional and traditional bodyweight training, with an emphasis on moving better which carries over to all aspects of modern life.
Young boy doing box breathing at a GT fitness session.
With an unprecedented number of young people struggling with mental health issues, we incorporate mindfulness into each session. Through teaching simple, effective tools and techniques the children will learn to recognise and process their emotions as they develop and learn, crucial skills which they can then carry into their adult lives.
Food and nutrition is key for a young person’s healthy development. Each week we assign a “nutrition mission” to gently encourage children to think about what they put in their bodies and help them understand the impact they can have on how they feel, as well as how to build a healthy, well rounded meal. By allowing more freedom to make decisions, and inevitably mistakes, we create a better relationship with food and a greater respect for its importance in leading a healthy life.
Happy children after a GT Schools programme session
Body Positivity
We’ve spent the last 15 years helping adults unpick deep-seated issues, often stemming from childhood and negative experiences at school around exercise. Our aim is to prevent this ever happening by encouraging the children to celebrate and value not just their body but every body, their differences and similarities.
Ian Male helping a child with animal flow.
We emphasise empathy and understanding throughout everything we do - all children attending can expect a safe and supportive environment to explore their own individual journey, free from judgement.
Teacher working with her class at a GT Schools fitness session
The best way to ensure the progress we make with the children is nurtured and developed long term is to work with staff. We provide further training and resources, empowering them to continue to foster a healthier, happier school environment for all.
For the children it's amazing, for the teachers it takes the pressure off...
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