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21 Day Challenge

Get fit, get lean, lose weight, look great… whatever your goal, we can help. We're not a regular gym though, and there's only one way to find out for yourself whether we're a good fit - give us a go!

Join our 21 Day Challenge and we’ll give you all the support,  coaching and small group personal training you need at our private studio to transform your mental and physical health for good and show you what makes us Greenwich's top rated gym.

We start Monday May 13th. Are you in?

100+ 5 Star Reviews, Rated 5/5 Overall

Find your fit with Greenwich Training

Imagine how it would feel if…

You were sleeping better, moving better and feeling better, full of energy and ready for anything life threw at you.
You felt fully in control of your health and wellbeing and confident you were making great choices for your mind and body
You broke the cycle of
yo-yo dieting and health kicks, and discovered a fun and sustainable way to look after yourself.
100% of our current clients would recommend us to their friends. But they won’t, because we’re their secret weapon to looking and feeling great.

What happens during the 21 Day Challenge?

We'll sit down with you and establish a roadmap designed to get you from where you are right now, to where you want to be. From there we'll take you through our onboarding process where you'll learn the fundamentals of our 7 key movement patterns, and how to train safely and effectively. From there you'll have access to everything our members enjoy - 3 Small Group Personal Training sessions each week, your very own dedicated coach and a bespoke nutrition plan - we’ll support you every step of the way.

Why it works… even if you’ve tried everything else

Meaningful, lasting change takes longer than 21 days. But we're so confident in our methods that we guarantee after just a few weeks you'll see and feel real results, and know that GT is the right place for you to achieve true transformation.



“I used to do a lot of one-on-one training and I was actually a bit worried about coming into a group environment but I like the fact you build relationships. You get a little bit competitive – that's why I like it and that's why I've stayed.”
- Jill
“The classes are really small and they do concentrate on getting technique correct all the time. I also love the atmosphere and the small groups because you get to know everyone and it's quite sociable.”
- Catriona
“It's local, it's really convenient. I work quite long hours. My job can be stressful from time to time and can be quite unpredictable but generally speaking is quite easy to fit training around.”
- Alastair
  • Here is what you get when you join the challenge today

  • 1
    Challenge Kickstart Consultation
    Nope, it’s not a glorified gym tour. It’s a proper consultation where we get to know you better and create your bespoke blueprint to transform how you sleep, think, eat and move.
  • 2
    Your Dedicated Coach (aka your new best pal for the next few weeks)
    Selected to be the right fit for you, they keep you on track with your plan, nutrition and mindset. Need more resources to hit your goals? No problem. Your coach is there to support you.
  • 3
    Your Customised 21 Day Blueprint
    There’s no cookie-cutter nor make-it-up-as-we-go-along approach here. We listen to what you want to achieve, understand your lifestyle patterns and develop a workout and nutrition plan to find around your life (no matter how busy you are).
  • 4
    3 x Small Group Personal Training Sessions per week
    Get all the benefits of working with a PT three times a week without the cost. Choose the right times and days for you from our schedule and over 40 slots each week.
  • 5
    Access All Our Extras and Community Events
    You’re also welcome to join our yoga, pilates, self-defence or cardio-focused "Pulse" sessions, and our ‘extracurricular’ community events over the 21 Days to meet some of our fab members.
  • 6
    BONUS #1: Free spot on our monthly breath workshop
    If you struggle with managing your stress levels, this is for you! Join our resident breathwork expert Jem as he takes you through a variety of curated breath exercises to help counteract the tension of everyday life. You'll leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and armed with simply tools to enable you to cope better with everything life throws at you.
  • 7
    BONUS #2: Free Quick & Easy Recipe eBook
    Struggle for ideas when it comes to healthy but convenient meals and snacks? Every month we create an eBook with 15 amazing, tasty recipes for our clients to try - book your spot on the challenge and we'll throw in our most recent edition.

Join before May 1st to claim your bonuses. Click the link to get started.

Plus… if you join the Challenge before 1st May you'll receive 2 bonuses!

3 Great Reasons to Join the Challenge Today


Get the benefit of 1-2-1 training… without the awkward small talk with your PT

There’s no doubt working with a coach gets results, but you don't need to pay someone to talk about your weekend plans. So why not enjoy all the benefits of 1-2-1 PT combined with the flexibility and social side of Small Group Personal Training?


Workout in a welcoming, friendly space… without the iron-bros and gym zombies

We’re not for everyone. If a crowded, sweaty gym with more selfie-taking than squats is your thing, we’re probably not right for you. Puregym, we are not. Plus we operate a strict zero dickheads policy. Bad news for dickheads, good news for you.


Results. Plain and simple.

Sure, our members love our philosophy and our fab community. But the real reason they come back again and again is simple: results.

We focus on getting you real and lasting change through targeted workouts, personalised nutrition advice and lifestyle coaching.

Yes, I’m in. Let’s get started.

Drop it, like it's fat 🔥

With over 40 small group sessions a week, and no more than 4 people in each one, you’ll enjoy hands on coaching and a varied, fun workout every time.

Holistic Approach💟

Health is about more than just training, so we also offer unrivalled support, yoga, martial arts, mobility, educational seminars and monthly social events.

Why are you only charging £175 for this challenge?

We’re totally transparent about why we’re pricing this challenge so low. By bringing people into our private studio for the challenge, we know some will love it, love the experience and want to stay as a member. Even if you choose not to stay on, you will get great results.

Greenwich Training Testimonials

Customer Stories 🎥

“I don't think I could stick with something if it was boring or dull or just not very interactive but the fact that it's a really cool crowd and we always have a good laugh plays a huge part in dragging myself off the sofa and coming here every week.”
- Rosalie
“The groups are really small and I get a lot of attention and trainers are really cool and supportive. For the first time in my life, it's not funny to wake up early in the morning to come in to join sessions.”
- Andreja
“I did the 21 day challenge in feb 24. WOW- what a place. The people, the trainers, the sessios were all amazing and I cannot recommend Greenwich Training enough. If you’re thinking about joining here… do it - you won’t regret it.”
- Harriet
“It's kind of a full-life package. It's not just the exercise part of it but it's the community feel. There's a huge selection of trainers that each have their own styles. They're all tough but very supportive. They get to know you really personally and your own strengths and weaknesses.”
- Vicky

What makes us different?

We listen.

It’s frustrating when you spend ages filling out forms and sharing your goals only to be handed a generic programme you’ve seen a million times before. We listen to you.
We genuinely care.

Unlike some gyms, our model doesn’t rely on us hoping you won’t show and watching your DD come out each month. We need to earn your trust every month. That’s why we’re focused on your results.
We know it’s never just about your fitness.

You’re more than physical fitness. We focus on all aspects of your health, wellbeing and mindset because it makes the difference.
Start the 21 Day Challenge

What happens next?


Contact our team by submitting an online form, emailing or calling us.


We'll be in touch to discuss everything with you and get you set up.


Get your sessions booked and begin your journey with Greenwich Training!

  • This challenge is ideal for you if...

  • 1
    Nothing has worked
    You feel like nothing has worked for you and you’re fed up with short-term fixes that don’t deliver.
  • 2
    Motivational Struggle
    You struggle with motivation and willpower and find sticking to a route difficult.
  • 3
    Super Busy
    You’re super-busy, working long hours and want to find a way to make space in your week for your health and to regain your energy.
  • 4
    Other Responsibilities
    You’re a parent or have other responsibilities and want to find something that puts you back in control of your health and wellbeing again.
  • 5
    Hate regular gyms
    You hate regular gyms and know you want more personalised training without the PT price tag.

If this sounds like you, let us help you take back control of your health and wellbeing in just 21 days. Join the challenge today.

Don't like gyms? Neither did we, so we created something different. A space where you can belong, with all the support you need,  an incredible community and unrivalled results

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