What drives you?

What drives you? Why are you where you are today? What moment made you want to make that change?I’ve never really talked about mine, but here goes...

Just over 8 years ago, following my now wife’s 21st birthday party, I saw a photo of myself from the night and it shocked me. I’d let myself go... big style.

I had always been sporty, but by my final year of uni, all that had stopped. I barely moved, drank a lot of beer, and ate like crap - I remember sitting in lectures with steak bakes and red bull. And it all took a toll on how I felt too - tired and lethargic despite all the energy drinks.

But seeing that picture stopped me in my tracks and massively kicked me up the arse.

It was like someone had just turned the light on.

Action was needed.

I stopped grazing on Doritos and I started running and doing bodyweight workouts. The 2012 Olympics were underway too, which was great motivation to get me up off my butt.

The endorphins were back and I was feeling better - more energetic, thinking with more clarity and with more drive than ever.

Reflecting on where I am today and why I do what I do, I think that photo was the spark. I don’t want to ever look or feel that way again.

Sure, things get tough from time to time and this year totally confirms that.

But every time you think “I’ll start on Monday,” or “I can’t be bothered to train today,” remember WHY you started.

The “why“ is the mothership of motivation. It can be anything: a person, a job, your health. Whatever. Once you have that in your back pocket, you’ll find it so much easier to stay on track.

Think of the whole process like a bike, you need to keep pedaling to move forward.

A good coach should be your stabilisers, keeping you upright whenever you have a wobble!

(Then we get all watery-eyed when we watch you ride away!)

So think about your “why” and set a little target for the rest of 2020, and end this crazy year on a high note, with something positive to hang your hat on.

Your “why” doesn’t need to wait for 2021... it’s there right now...