The Obstacle Is The Way

A month ago I was knocked off my bike and broke my collarbone into 3 pieces 😮 ⁣ A rather long operation, a plate, some screws and a shark-bite-like scar later, I’m here with some lessons learned...

1. My body is incredibly resilient⁣

2. A positive mindset makes life a whole lot easier ⁣

3. Don’t underestimate the amazing people around you⁣

4. The world doesn’t end when you don’t train for a month, but god am I excited to get back to it!⁣

5. You can’t get fat overnight⁣

6. Good nutrition makes all the difference...but sometimes only chocolate will do ⁣

Hopefully you’ve not suffered any nasty accidents or broken bones, but this year has certainly thrown us all more than a few challenges. ⁣

Here at GT we can help you meet whatever life throws at you head on:⁣

- Build a strong, resilient body in our carefully programmed training sessions ⁣

- Learn how to see the positives in any situation⁣

- Be surrounded by the friendliest, most supportive bunch of people in Greenwich ⁣

- Start to look forward to your training sessions and finally enjoy exercising⁣

- Discover a more positive relationship with food and with your body ⁣

- Learn how to nourish your body and your soul - and sometimes that will mean reaching for the chocolate!⁣

Don’t give up on 2020 just yet, there’s still time to achieve something great! ⁣

Come and share these lessons with me - no broken bones required

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