You Are Not A Cow

You are not a cow

Or a turnip. Or pic n mix for that matter.

When people get in touch with us, the first thing we ask is what they want to achieve through working with us.

And I reckon at least 80% say “to lose weight.”

Which, frankly, is a load of bullocks.

See what I did there? Bovine humour. Never fails…

Are you thinking “well I’d quite like to lose weight Ian, so what gives?”

Let me explain:

Let’s say for the next 6 weeks you exercise 3 times a week, make a sustained effort to eat healthily, and get a minimum of 7 hours sleep a night.

At the end of those 6 weeks…

You’ve dropped a dress size, or a buckle on your belt loop,

You’ve got more energy,

Your clothes fit nicely,

You’re able to run for the bus or jog up the stairs without feeling out of breath,

And your confidence has skyrocketed.

Basically, your life is better in pretty much every way.

Then you step onto the scales, and see that you haven’t lost a single pound.  

Would you be disappointed?

If the answer is no, then the penny has dropped (yay me) – stop trying to lose weight and focus on the things I’ve listed above, which should resonate and motivate you far more, especially when those lovely changes start to appear.

If the answer is still yes though, you need to ask yourself why you think the amount of pressure you exert on the earth’s surface is a valid measure of your self-worth.

It isn’t.

To go back to my original statement, you are not a prize cow or a marrow being weighed at the village fete.

Now it is true that if you’re carrying some excess body fat and you do all the things I’ve outlined above you probably would lose weight on the scales…but it isn’t always the case, and it certainly shouldn’t be your sole focus or goal.

You do not want to lose weight, you want all the things that you associate with losing weight.

I hope that makes sense, and if you’ve been struggling for the last couple of weeks to stick to things, helps a little bit.

PS. If you reckon you could use some extra help sticking to your guns, then click here and we’ll be in touch soon for a chat.