Struggling To Get To The Gym?

At the start of December I really lost my motivation to train. I couldn’t be bothered to go to the gym, finding every excuse to put it off until tomorrow, or the next day. I just wasn’t feeling it.

But I thought come the New Year, I’d be back on it. Motivation usually seems to come from nowhere as soon as we hit January, so I waited for my motivation to arrive with the New Year’s Eve fireworks.

But a month into 2020, I was still in a bit of a lull, not really having the drive I usually would to get to the gym consistently. I’m a PT and I couldn’t be arsed going to the gym! What’s that about?! I decided I needed expert help to bring my focus back.

Luckily for me I sit opposite the best PT in the business and so I asked for Ian’s help. We talked through my goals, and he’s designed me a new programme to get me there. It’s a little different to what I usually do – Ian’s really pushed my weights up and my legs are certainly feeling the effects after a few sessions!

But I’m now excited to be back training – knowing what I’m aiming for. My focus is back, I’m more aware of what I’m eating so that I’m fuelling myself properly for my workouts, and I’m determined to achieve what I want to before my holiday at Easter! It’s like a switch has turned back on in my head and I’m back in business not only with my training but with my nutrition, sleep and mindset too.

If you’re struggling with motivation, first of all don’t worry! It happens to us all, trainers included. But sometimes all it takes to find it again is doing something different. Why not try something new – join a local sports team, give Martial Arts a go, try a new class you’ve been too scared to go to.

Or maybe – like me – you need a little bit of expert help to get your mojo back. Someone to listen to what you’re struggling with, help you set some achievable goals – and guide you towards them, supporting you every step of the way.

If that’s you, then we can help! Let us tweak your training and flip that switch in your head back on.

Get in touch today and let’s get your motivation back too!