It’s a bit deep…

Body confidence…I don’t have it. That’s not what you expect to hear from a Personal Trainer though is it?

I don’t like my arms, I don’t have abs, and I’m a little bit anxious about a hen weekend coming up where everyone will be in a bikini.

But not because I wish I was thinner. I know exactly what I’d need to do to have a six pack and more toned arms. But would I be more confident if I did? Would I be happier? Probably not!

Confidence and happiness doesn’t come from having a body people envy, it goes way deeper than that. And I’m all for the whole self love thing, I’ve just not quite got there yet.

But I’m working on it.

Don’t get me wrong, if you have aesthetic goals that you’re training for, then that’s great, there’s nothing wrong with wanting chiselled abs if that’d make you happy.

But I’d rather exercise because I like the feeling of working hard and getting stronger – not because it’ll make me lighter or thinner.

I’d rather enjoy a glass of wine or two at the weekend and not feel guilty about it, because the nights you remember never start with a low-calorie lime and soda.

And I’d rather never say no to a brownie (especially from Grind) because life’s too short right? #Balance

So if you love your body, whatever its shape or size, then hats off – maybe you can give me some tips!

But if you’re not quite there yet, then come and join the team at Greenwich Training, and maybe we can get there together (and share a brownie along the way!).