Done a Novak?

Anyone else kind of get where Novak is at? Hear me out. See, I reckon most of us have “done a Novak” over the last few months. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting you’re walking up the street launching tennis balls at people’s throats...but I’ve definitely completely lost my 💩 over trivial stuff...

💻 The N key on my keyboard breaking

⚽️ Archie kicking a ball over the fence…for the 78th time

🙀 Ocado replacing my barista oat milk with regular oat milk #middleclassproblems

My point is, these are still weird times.

While we’re told things are returning to normal, in so many ways they’re not.

There are still so many things that have been taken out of our control, and that can be super stressful. So my advice (and this goes for you too Novak, know you’re a huge fan 😘)…

Make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance of keeping your 💩 together, and do one thing every day that lets you fully relax or switch off.

That might be working out, it might be going for a walk in the park, it might be reading a good book.

We still need to decompress. To step back, to get perspective. In a world where so much is out of our control, work on something you can control - yourself!