A Weight Off Your Mind

Mindset is something I’ve been trying to apply more into my routine lately. Don’t worry, I’m not saying we all need to sit cross legged and chant ommm but a slight shift in your mindset can be a game changer.

It takes time and I’m by no means an expert. It’s difficult to both make and break habits, but simple daily changes make for good practice and gradual progression.

One habit I’ve recently adopted is listening to podcasts each day to try to learn more – I use the dead time in the car while commuting to develop myself, including my mindset.

If you focus on getting just better 1% everyday, in a years time you’ll be over 37 times better than you are today.

That quote (found on a podcast!) stuck with me. I like it because it’s not asking you to change the world in one day, but to do small manageable things each day to better yourself.

It can be simple things like hitting your water intake, or daily calories. Even reading more or spending time with loved ones. Whatever it is for you, it’s about having a process in place to succeed.

For me, I’m trying to be aware of and improve my mindset; to aim to have structures in place so I can help myself and others to have that all important #balance

At GT we often see our lovely clients struggling for balance.

Some might work crazy hours in stressful jobs, others might struggle with emotional eating or find themselves constantly running around after others.

Basically putting everything before themselves.

But think about this…

You can’t serve other people from an empty vessel.

(another quote from audiobook, this time Eleanor Brownn)

In other words, if you don’t look after yourself you won’t be as efficient when being there for others.

Take that time to first fill yourself up – whether it’s getting the sleep you need, eating properly or making time for those training sessions. You’ll be in a better place to help others.

Everything needs be be in balance to create the most happiness. Fact.

When I first started as a coach I was a bit naive, saying yes to everyone who asked me to train them. It was ok to start with but soon I felt like I was spread too thin! Yes I was busy, which is good for business but it meant that other aspects of my life suffered.

I wasn’t sleeping enough, I was starting to miss my training; I was eating far too late or not enough. But most importantly I was not spending quality time with my partner.

Before you know it you’re in a downwards spiral, your energy is down, work quality becomes effected, and relationships suffer.

I learned the hard way but I suppose it’s the best way to learn. When you experience the lows it makes you force that change in your attitude.

I’ve taken little steps to try to be more balanced. I’ve learned to say no to a lot more and put myself first.

I try my best to sleep about 7 hours and although I work unsociable hours I make sure I have two nights off and finish early a couple of days a week to balance the equation.

I need to switch off, be with my partner and actually enjoy spending some time (other than sleeping) in the house we worked so hard for.

If you take anything from this blog it’s these points:

  • Don’t aim for perfection, instead aim for consistency. Less is more!
  • Make time to look after yourself first! You’ll be more productive, and a better parent/partner/friend as a result.
  • Make small changes to create some daily habits that make you that 1% better, everyday

Here are a few examples of changes you can make tomorrow that will shift that needle:

  • Drink a glass of water when you wake up
  • Plan your meals for the next few days
  • Get moving for 15 extra minutes each day

Simple, definitely achievable, but if you commit to doing them every single day they will get you results.

We run bi-weekly mindset workshops here at GT with our very own Behavioural Change Therapist, so if you’d like some help in implementing some mindset into your routine, she’ll be on hand to coach you when you join us on your fitness journey.

Mindset is something that’s often overlooked but a strong mind can have a the biggest impact on your results.

So if you like the idea of having a stronger mind as well as body get in touch today to find out more.

Namaste 🙏